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Challenging today’s mortgage practices with tomorrow’s vision.
Kelli Frazier
Sr. Loan Advisor
Daniel Grittman
Sr. Loan Officer
Duchai Nguyentan
Sales Manager- Producer
Terri Rosales
Sr. Loan Officer
Alex Joiner
Sr. Loan Officer
Renny Mitchell
Mortgage Consultant
Joshwa Fuchs
Loan Officer
Marco Leone
VP Loan Production


Corey Schwartz

Corey is the President and Founder of Loanatik. As the leader of one of the industry’s most inventive and technologically advanced companies, he has a track record of success. In 1987, Corey built Programmer’s Warehouse into a worldwide software publisher and distributor of programming tools.
Later, in 2003, he founded Serinova Financial and the Serinova Mortgage Income Fund. This company was ranked as the 4th largest private lender in Arizona by the AZ Business Journal.
After exiting the Serinova companies in 2010, Corey went on to found three real estate funds, acquiring an impressive $60MM in commercial assets as the managing partner. He exited December 2014 before starting Loanatik with a vision to make the mortgage process easy for home buyers and the professionals assisting them.

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Corey Schwartz
Chief Executive Officer
Challenging today’s mortgage practices with tomorrow’s vision.
At Loanatik, our mission is to make the process of home ownership as simple and hassle free as possible for all those who are qualified.
That’s why we’re committed to building and empowering teams of individuals with the freedom and reach it takes to make a positive difference in the world. We strive to create a supportive culture of growth where team members find meaning through their work.


Fueled by a Growth Mindset

We maintain a childlike curiosity and never stop learning. We ask questions, take risks and build on each others’ ideas because even at our best, we’re still better together. Uncertainty, risks, and mistakes don’t slow us down because we know that failure is a necessary step on the path to innovation.


Obsessed with Customer Service

We are passionate about helping our borrowers achieve more. That means we take the time to truly listen and learn from them. Our solutions don’t just meet borrowers’ needs — they surprise and delight them. We go beyond what’s expected to deliver our customers with the highest possible value.
Dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion
If you’re looking for a company that lets you rock who you are, look no further than Loanatik. We don’t just value differences. We seek them out and invite them in. Our team values diverse perspectives because we know they result in better ideas, better products, and happier borrowers.
United by one Mission
We are a family of individuals inside a global company who are united by the single mission: To make the dream of home ownership a reality for everyone. By sharing our ideas and collaborating across boundaries, we are able to deliver the best solutions that make this possible.
Committed to Make Difference
People across the globe dream of owning a home. But far too often the path to achieving this dream feels like climbing a mountain. That’s why we’re committed to empowering our employees with the tools, technology, and reach it takes to help our customers complete their transactions as quickly and easily as possible. As a team, we can make a difference by turning millions of peoples’ dream of owning their own home into a reality.
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Full Support
Our compensation and benefits program ensure that our staff will remain with us and that you be well compensated for your productivity.
Our compensation and benefits program ensure that our staff will remain with us and that you be well compensated for your productivity.
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