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Steve McCalister
“I’m retired and I like to spend my days fishing and investing. Loanatik is so frickin easy I can do it while I’m fishing.”

Investing in Trust Deeds

Hand Pick Your Assets

Use Loanatik’s filtering options to easily narrow your search to the properties that meet your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of home, trust deeds in a certain neighborhood, or a particular level of risk vs. return, we make it easy to find the ideal investments you want. We’ll even handle all the underwriting.

Browse High-Yield Assets

As a qualified investor, you can start browsing our online platform for high-value properties for free. Say “goodbye” to stocks and bonds. You’ll gain access to our exclusive inventory of high-quality trust deeds backed by real properties paying an average of 8-18%!

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Want to learn more about how to build your wealth with trust deed investments? Click below to download the ultimate guide to Lending Money Secured by Real Estate!
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Passive Income Stream

You’ll get monthly returns deposited directly into your account — all without lifting a finger. No managing properties or figuring out billing. You simply invest and get paid each month… while our experts handle the rest.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Trust deeds can add an additional layer of diversification to your overall portfolio. Plus, by investing in a wide range of quality notes with different underlying borrowers you can further widen the asset mix in your portfolio to reduce risk.

Predictable Returns

Get access to high returns backed by real estate

Low Volatility

Notes that deliver maximum yield for minimum risk

Monthly Income

Enjoy monthly cash flow as borrowers make payments
Join Hundreds of Your Peers Who Are Earning Passive Income the Easy Way
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High Rates of Return
Discover high-quality investments backed by real estate with average returns between 8-18%.
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Hassle-Free Portfolio
Manage your real estateallocations and see theimpact in real time.
Universal Access
Effortlessly invest on the go. Aaccess on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
Free Insider Data
Receive the latest trends, news, and insights tailored to your interests.
Invest Confidently with High Returns Secured by Real Assets
Don't waste time and money with Wall Street. Get in touch with us today and discover how easy it can be to generate consistent monthly income with Loanatik!

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