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Why You Should Get Pre-Approved Before Starting Your House Hunt Looking to buy a home? If you want your offer to be taken seriously, then you’ll want to consider getting pre-approved for a mortgage.  A letter of pre-approval (not to be confused with pre-qualification) can give you a competitive advantage over other buyers who are also […]

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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Realtor Headshot

Can your headshot make a total stranger want to hire you? If your current headshot is a little too glum chum, outdated, or simply not working for you like it should, then you’re going to want to read every last word of this article. Seriously, it IS that important. As a real estate agent, a […]

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This One Mistake Cost a Home Buyer $50,000

When Hillary Clinton, Ashley Madison, or Target get hacked, it’s headline news. While someone may be inconvenienced by these high-profile hacks, they rarely result in large cash losses to consumers. Not so in the case of a new breed of real estate phishing scams. These are highly sophisticated cyber-attacks that specifically target the active transaction […]

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Just in time for Christmas: Fed Announces Rate Hike

In a unanimous vote, the central bank’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) determined that the time was right to move forward with raising the rates. “In view of realized and expected labor market conditions and inflation, the Committee decided to raise the target range for the federal funds rate to one-half to three-quarter percent,” said […]

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How Long Do I have to Wait

Waiting has never been my strong suit.  I screwed the pooch, ended up in a foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale.  I didn’t want to end up there, but, I did.  How long do I have to wait before purchasing a new property?   Foreclosure Bankruptcy Short Sale Conventional 7 years from completion Chapter7 – 4 […]

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One Trick That Changed How I Invest Forever

Corey’s Notes: This one little trick changed how I invest forever.  It’s easy and you can even teach it to your kids.  The faster you learn this trick the more your investments will grow. Calculating Your Return On Investment Using the Rule of 72 The number one factor on the mind of every investor is […]

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Ways To Hold Title: SIMPLIFIED

This quick guide explains the major ways that you can hold title and some of the typical implications. At the end of the guide is a fantastic chart that you can download that makes choosing the correct title a piece of cake.

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5 Essential Tips For The First Time Home Buyer

Becoming a homeowner is a part of the American dream. Every year first time homebuyers enter into the housing market and help with our economy. They decide that they are ready for the commitment of owning a home and they no longer want to lose money every month to renting. After making the decision to buy, first time homebuyers need to get ready for the responsibilities associated with homeownership. Here are 5 essential tips for the first time homebuyer.

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3 Ways You Can Pay Less For The Home You Already Live In

If you’re looking to free up some of the income going toward your mortgage every month, consider the following 3 ways you can pay less for the home you already live in. With the money you’ll save, you can finally fund an IRA, set up a tax-deferred college savings plan for the kids, or simply put your extra savings toward improving your quality of life.

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Mortgage Refinance: Should I Wait?

If it saves you money, the short answer is yes.  However, mortgage refinance is an important financial decision, and you should make it only after fully understanding the pros and cons. You’ll need to consider the rate and fees attached to the new loan, as well as whether a refi will entice you into further […]

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