by: Corey Schwartz

Wishing You A Badass Holiday Season

I love this time of year! The air is filled with music and the smell of holiday cooking. I take my foot off the peddle a little bit and turn my thoughts to friends and family who add joy to my life. It’s a great time for both planning and reminiscing.
I think about how far Loanatik has come in such a short amount of time (how much more there is to do…lol). My heart is fill with gratitude when I think of how many people have helped us accomplish everything the company has done. These are wonderful times.
This year we became operational, turned a profit and hired some fantastic people. We hope you are in good health and wish you the best that this holiday season can offer.
Enjoy the holiday!
Corey Schwartz &
Your Friends at Loanatik.

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